Indian Real Estate- Is it too late too start

When you consider what your parents had a say on, it was always somehow associated with investing. Since, not many investment tools were available back then, the concentration narrowed down to real estate. And those of you, who listened to your parents or had the finances to invest in real estate, have done well. However, the markets move in a cycle, and this is exactly what has happened to the real estate. So technically the real estate boom is over and as of the present the scenario has changed. The last 3 years have been witness to go with the same flow.

But, what has led to the present situation is the part which needs light to be thrown into:-

  1. Uninterested buyer- real estate has been associated with a lot of pomp and show. There have been the developers and property magnates trying to allure the client. However, in this extravaganza of events the price of property raised sky height. However, when you compare it with the salary or the money, which the property buyers had, the rift was getting broader and deeper. This enabled many more buyers to obliterate their dream of investing in real estate as for the present.
  2. Inventory- so, since the market has initially been rising up the builders were in the perception that the residential property price will rise, found, however, that they were unable to even sell their inventory. This enhanced the number of unsold units. So, when you witness the empty spaces and half build homes you do understand the acumen.
  3. Prices- while originally the price should have enhanced considering the ingress of the Real Estate Regulator, the fact is this is not possible. It is because the builders primarily have to take care of their sales so as to take care of their inventory buildup.

Hence, for all the investors out there, if you are planning for your dream home or some real estate for investment it is better to wait and watch. However, if you belong to the slot of buyers, which do not like to wait or are up for some risk, the under construction flats are better than the ready possession ones, due to the discount associated with the former.